Our Guarantee

General Health Guarantee:

General Health Guarantee: Buyer will have puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice within three (3) days of receipt of pup. If the buyer is not completely happy, the puppy can be returned and seller will replace with pup of equal of greater value or full refund. After three (3) days buyer will assume all responsibility.

Two Year Hip and Eye Guarantee:

The 2 year guarantee (discluding injuries) to the buyer for the dog described above is as follows: If the dog is rejected by O.F.A. (in the event of hip dysplasia) or C.E.R.F. (in the event of PRA-progressive retinal atrophy). If the dog has hip dysplasia, and is found to be, or has been overweight, exercised carelessly (eg. frisbee fetching, overexertion) or has been injured or spayed/neutered before 10 months (female) 12 months (male), this guarantee is immediately void. Spaying/neutering too early can cause deficiencies that will adversely affect joint/bone growth and development.

  1. If the dog is to be retained by the buyer, the seller will refund half of the original purchase price, aster the dog has been spayed or neutered and proof of the same has been provided to the seller...OR
  2. If the live dog is returned to the seller, with all registration papers transferring ownership back to seller, the seller guarantees to refund the entire purchase price.
  3. In the event that the dog is used for breeding, or has been bred and whelped a litter, the guarantee is immediately void.

All transportation costs will be assumed by the buyer.

Hip X-rays must be performed before 24 months. O.F.A. rejection must be provided to the seller before the dog is 30 months old. Brenda Breukelman retains the option to have the dog’s hips X-rayed again at a veterinarian of her choosing and submitted to O.F.A. for re-evaluation. Should the dog subsequently receive an O.F.A. rating then all costs associated with the exam will be the buyers responsibility. Should the dog fail to receive an O.F.A. rating the cost of the 2nd X-ray will the responsibility of Brenda Breukelman . In any event, the O.F.A. will be the final determining authority. This guarantee is not transferable and only applies to the original purchaser.
We recommend our puppies and dogs stay on 4Strong Paws continually because we are confident in the quality and health benefits it provides.

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