As a breeder we take great pride in raising puppies and nothing is more rewarding than seeing they are loved as a member of the family. We get many e-mails from proud puppy owners and would like to share some of them on this page. We value all updates, even if it is just a quick note, but the first update below is very special. Here's the background...
Lex had to have an emergency C-section because the last pup wouldn't come down and was 'stuck' up near the ribcage. The vet had the pup set aside thinking it was dead already and was stitching up Lex when he wanted me to see the pup. The vet tech picked up the pup and felt a FAINT heartbeat..needless to say all efforts went in to reviving the pup..who we named Laura (after the vet tech) We had plans to keep Laura for our own, until Teresa emailed me. Teresa is a cancer survivor and her grandmother's name was Laura. She felt it was meant to be that Laura, or Kahlua now, survived and meant for her. Obviously, I couldn't agree more..it's truly a once in a lifetime story :)

from Teresa Norman

Kahlua Laura entered our lives during a very difficult stage of recovery. She not only improved my outlook on life but has continued to make me laugh and smile every day. She gives me something to look forward to each day and is a source of encouragement and motivation that I would otherwise not have had in my life. She is my constant companion and I feel blessed to have her in my life. I cannot thank you enough for providing me with her companionship. She continues to thrive and makes us smile or laugh each and every day. She has been the best medicine anyone could ever ask for. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.


from Jim Bolton

Hey Brenda, (...) Willy is doing great, he’s so smart. He’s trained to go outside to go to the bathroom already, I can’t believe it. So well mannered and he’s growing like a weed! Everybody loves him."


from Kaleigh and Brad

Hello Brenda! Brad and I wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! Kona is doing amazing! She is adjusting so well to her new home! She is truly an amazing girl we already love her so much ! My sister can not wait to get her puppy come spring / summer especially after meeting Kona ! Thank you so much for all you do !

Kona Kona

from Kori in Nova Scotia

Hello again!
Just thought I’d send you some pictures of Storm from your February 2017 litter! He has been such a good addition to the family and was very easy to train! He loves the kids and playing with other dogs and swimming. There are 2 pictures i sent you from him and his brother Denver from your May 2016 litter! Just wanted to give you an update on him and say thank you once again!:)

Storm Storm

from Amanda

Hi Brenda, We have been meaning to email you for some time now. Just wanted to say how very happy we are with Cola. She is an amazing puppy and we love her so much. She is so sweet, calm and smart! I really had no idea a puppy could be this good, absolutely no issues and she has been a dream to train. We took her camping and she had a ball swimming in the lake and being around our site. Our kids adore her, and Cola is excellent with them.
Thank you so much for everything along the way.


from Krystina Cunnington - Ontario

I would like to do an update of Kolby, we received Kolby in May of 2014. Almost 4 years later, Kolby has been a great addition to our family. He has always been a very energetic dog that loves his walks, loves to cuddle, and has quite the saucy personality. He has grown up to be a big (120lbs) beautiful dog. He is so playful, he loves children and loves to be your best friend. He is the dog that whines when he is not on the couch watching Tv with the family, or as soon as he hears you wake up he is up giving you morning kisses and getting his morning snuggles in before breakfast. Kolby is such a wonderful dog and we would be empty without him.
Thanks again

Kolby Kolby2

from Troy, Kerry and Emma

Hey Brenda, Thought I would send a pic of Cooper, he's growing like a weed!!! He's such an awesome (but headstrong) little guy, we all love him. He is doing great, very smart and good looking. He knows most commands now even high five and high ten. He loves other people and dogs and of course we can't keep him out of the water. I think he might make a good dock diver, he runs and jumps in the pool with reckless abandon!


from Erin Wright

Our girl - "Captain Teddy" (aka Teddy) - is thriving and chewing everything in sight! At 10 months she is calming down more now and has enjoyed the few snowy days we've had this winter. I hope all is well with you. We always get remarks on how beautiful and what lovely lines Teddy has and I have given your name to several people who are interested in labs. Thanks again for this lovely dog. She is my son's best friend.

Teddy1 Teddy2

from Tonya - Newfoundland

Hi Brenda, Just checking in to let you know Chewie is thriving. He's house-trained, knows his name and responds to about 12 commands. He's such a great boy, always so eager to please and we're happy everyday that we made the decision to get him. Just sending along a shot of him at our cottage on Saturday past. He's getting so big, it's hard to believe he's only 3 months old!

Photo of Chewy as a 3-month-old pup and as an adult
Chewie Chewie

from Tina

Thank you again Brenda! Winnie has brought us a new kind of love!


from The Stitt family

Hey Brenda,
Just an update, the Stitt family loves Chip. He's awesome. He's 9 weeks tomorrow, he's been a quick learner and has fit right in. He loves his crate, my wife's gardens, and chewing anything and everything, of course. But day after day, he continues to learn. Today, he left our training session midway to go to the bathroom in his designated area. A smart little guy. I've included some photos for you to use as you like. We are so grateful to you for breeding such a great dog like Chip.


from Terry in B.C.

Thought I would drop you a line and let you know that Rigby is now a young lady and turned 3 yesterday. She is an excellent gun dog and by far the most intelligent Lab we have owned. Very keen eyesight, hearing and sense of smell. She is very affectionate as you said when she was a pup before we received her. We have had no medical or physical issues and she has matured and leveled off at about 80 lbs. The big girl we were looking for. Thank you again for such a successful breeding and hope you continue to do well

Rigby Rigby at 14 weeks

from Danielle Gasse

Hey! Just thought I would send you an update on Coco! She is doing awesome and having a blast! She has started training with a personal one on one trainer and getting an A+ in everything. Thanks for the great pup, she turned out amazing! Very well behaved and such a personality on her! I have referred you to a lot of people. I get asked a lot where I got her from and compliments almost everyday!


from Jen and Evan Weatherston

I thought you might like an update of Karma from Reece's February 20, 2015 litter.
Karma is beautiful! My vet is so impressed with her and took photos of her to show his other lab owners how a lab should look!
She weighs in at about 65 pounds and stands fairly tall for a lab. (I haven't measured her height). She runs now with me 6-7 km about twice a week. She walks for 1 hour every day. She loves everyone but is growing out of the jumpy stage. She is a lovely girl now. Calm in the house. Good listener and still super fun to play with. She is not a chewer at all and we have recently been leaving her out of her crate while we are at work and she is great! She patrols our neighbourhood from the back of the couch :) Thank you again for this beautiful girl.

Karma Karma

from Kaitie V.

Hi Brenda,
I just wanted to write you a quick note about our dog Euler, who was born April 14. He is a sweet, smart dog, very affectionate and socially motivated. We love him to bits, even if he did recently force me to take up jogging to keep up with his exercise needs. People are always commenting on how beautiful he is. He can sit, stay, lie down, heel, fetch, crawl, shake a paw, give a high five, give kisses, go to his crate or mat, and play dead on command... When he wants to!


from Bryan

Hi Brenda,
First off, thank you. This puppy has been the smartest, best behaved puppy ever. You have no idea, peed twice in the house and the other function only once. Here is today's photo, we opened the pool and Rory fell in chasing her tail and we couldn't keep her out. Mind you the bath tub when in use we can't keep her from joining. This is her at 6pm today... She is wooped...

Sleeping puppy Puppy awake

from Rhonda - Newfoundland

We are doing fabulous and she is so smart! Thanks very much, we are so pleased!

from Brent

Here's a nice pic of Eddie that I thought you might enjoy !! He such a great dog. I'm so lucky to have him.
Thanks Brenda


from Kendall - Nova Scotia

Hiii ! I just wanted to give you a little update on Denver, he is doing wonderful he is so smart and always wanting to learn. He has had all of his check-ups at the vet and he is doing well and is very healthy. he is also very loving and sweet to everyone. I also recently got another puppy because his original owner couldn't take care of him, They are inseparable and always have each other to play with.

Denver Denver

from Andrea

Hi Brenda
Just wanted to give you an email to say thank you for such a wonderful dog! Corie is a funny and sweet girl. She is fitting in with the family perfectly. Our girls love her and she is so gentle with the kids. We are doing puppy training classes and she is doing well, but she is easily distracted when there are so many friends to meet in class! We love her and coming home to that little furry face is a joy! I have attached a recent photo.


from Colleen

“Hershey” is doing fabulous! He has been 100% perfect ever since we brought him home! I know that the name isn’t too original, but Rob always wanted to have a Chocolate Lab named Hershey. Our other little guy is Harley! They are getting along wonderfully. Harley was so happy when they first met!
Thank you again, Hershey has a beautiful temperament and is a strong young pup!


from Samantha and Jeff

Here are some pictures of Lucy up to six months. She's grown into a beautiful and loving girl who still likes to whine :). We love every little one that comes out of her!!!


from Jason

Hi Brenda, I wanted to tell you that Katie is such a great dog. Her temperament is amazing and she is great with the kids. She is definitely my big baby.

Katie Katie

from Darrell and Rozanne (2016)

Brenda... Ten years ago today Asia and Dakota had their first litter. If we recall this was also the first litter for Breukhaven Kennels. Here is a picture of Breukhaven Dutches Daisy. She is getting a bit white but still has lots of energy. She is having a morning nap with her half brother (Asia / Drake) Breukhaven Copperfields Magic.

Anna and Ron Mauro

Just sending a picture of Ruby, she is just over a year now. I visited your site awhile back and reading the profiles of Lex and Dakota I understand why Ruby is the way she is, always has to be the first to fetch the stick or ball on land or in the water, Ruby's always trying to get Shelbie or anyone that comes along to play with her. Ruby loves to be outside and doesn't come in until it gets dark and then its straight to bed. Ruby is very smart and loving. Thank You for letting her be a part of our family.



For the longest time I've been wanting to thank you for Skookum (August 12 2009, female out of Lex and Dakota). She's an absolutely brilliant dog: loving, smart, beautiful, athletic. Not much in life lives up to the way you idealize it; but in this case, it did. She's a perfect dog ...the best pup ever! Keep up the good work!


The Hynnes Family

hi Brenda and family, we just thought that we would sent you some pictures of our dog that we got from you. He was the first dog you sold in your first litter :) He was also the first dog that left. We named him C.J. He is the best dog we have ever owned. He has a winning personality, and loves attention. Also, he has been complimented many of times of his appearance and we have been told that he should be a show dog. he has brought so much joy to our life, and we cannot picture life without him. Hope you enjoy :)


from Stu

Hi Brenda:
Just thought I'd say hi. River and I have been getting along great, she's an absolutely beautiful Lab, hit of the dog park. We've been back and forth to Ottawa a couple of times, she has no problem traveling, and of course she loves the water! I'm liking this 4paws dog food u recommended, she has a great coat and loves her food, I'll stick with it. She starts obedience school next week, lol I'm sure we'll both learn a few things. Anyway hope things are well Brenda, I've already recommended your place to a couple of the neighbours, they luv River almost as much as I do!

from Cheryl

Hi Brenda,
Nala is doing so well and has adjusted nicely she is in school and excelling at all her new commands, she is certainly a very smart pup :) She has had no accidents and picked up on the bell training for potty time. We just love her so much !! She is 22 lbs and has had two visits to vet and they agree she is a healthy beautiful dog! Thank you again for allowing us a pup :)