Mya's Pedigree



Master Buddy Boy
Bayrover's Little Man's Tait Icewater's Wendy Gunner Frontier's Top Gun
Cool Mist of Icewater
Wyckoff's Ebony Rose Reporter for Final Edition WCI MH
Wyckoff's Chocolate Liqueur
Tait Amonda Darkside Maxwell Z's Mega Buck Hunter
Pendergraffs Cinnamon Teal
I am Rose McCracken Keelan Thomas Bronson
Darkside Sweet Sadie


Breukhaven's Peanut Butter Cup - Reese
DeFoort's Dakota Breukhaven (Dakota)
Blais' Mighty Merf III Kannata Donner Kannata Reggae
Kannata Lea
Derks Sask Tune Pachanga Magnum Force(FT/AFTCH-USA)
Creme De Cacao
Davie's Bower Penny Blend- Bower Lake Ben Barracuda Blue MH(FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC)
Hasty's Annie Oakley
DD'S Mighty Blend Lady Blais' Mighty Merf III
JJ's Jemimah Blend
Bower's Lex (Lex)
Bower's Gil Bower's Recall Rap Storm's Riptide Star (NFC/AFC)
Hasty's Rio Lago
Bower Lake Maverick Bower Lake Ben
Jr's Jess
Lexie Vanderzwaag Blais Mighty Merf Third Kannata Donner
Derks Sask Tune
DD's Northern Blend Becky Wild Wings Northern Exposure
JJ's Jemimah Blend
Barracuda Blue2 time FC-AFC-CAFC Barracuda Blue, MH (FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC) - Cuda is the only FC-AFC and high point All-Age chocolate labrador in AKC field trial history, and all amateur handled. He was also the first and only chocolate labrador to qualify for the National Amateur Field Trials in '96 and '97.
Storm's Riptide StarNFC-FC-AFC Storm's Riptide Star (Rascal)
The only NFC chocolate labrador in history, renown for high trainability, retrieving desire, looks, temperament, and ability.
FTCH-AFTCH Pachanga Magnum Force
High point chocolate of all time, the ONLY chocolate ever to be a Canadian Derby Champion 1994 (59 points, 9 wins).
Westwind's Bold TigerWestwind's Bold Tiger (FTCH/AFTCH)